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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


An Important Message from
Senator Sherrod Brown about
Health Care Reform

Dear Friend,

You may have seen a lot of me lately. I've been speaking out and setting the record straight on why it's critical that health care reform legislation includes a public option. And now that the House has passed it, it's now up to the Senate to act.

I refuse to sit by watching families struggle to make ends meet while political pundits, ultra-conservative media talking heads, and the Republican Party blatantly spout misinformation and resort to fear-mongering. It's not only ludicrous -- it's dangerous and will end up costing our nation dearly.

As one of my most steadfast supporters, you know how important it is that we pass meaningful health insurance reforms -- which will provide each and every American with quality, affordable coverage.

We all know how difficult enacting these important changes is proving to be. At every turn, big pharma and big insurance -- along with their cronies in Washington -- are throwing up roadblocks and undermining our Democratic reform efforts.

I recently spoke about this very issue on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Watch it here: .

Including a strong public option in the Senate health care reform bill would be a major victory for taxpayers, middle-class families, and American businesses.

It will inject much-needed competition into the insurance marketplace, keep HMOs honest, and ensure that families across the country have their choice of affordable, quality health plans.

Meanwhile, the GOP is doing everything possible to derail a strong public option and cling to the status quo. They're bending over backwards trying to protect their big-money supporters in the insurance industry, who are only concerned about their bottom line -- while my Democratic colleagues and I are looking out for the best interests of our citizens.

We must deliver reform for all Americans, many of whom have lost so much already as a result of the housing crisis, the financial meltdown, and the recession in the last year.

You can help spread the word by forwarding this email to as many people as possible; just click here: .

Thank you again for your support. Together we will finally put middle-class families ahead of the insurance industry.


Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator, Ohio

P.S. Time is running out to ensure a public option is part of health care reform legislation. Help me get the word out by clicking here: .
Set the record straight about the public option -- please forward this email to everyone you know. Thanks for doing your part.

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