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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New World Order

This is your NEW WORLD ORDER:

Stop blaming Obama. He is a Puppet. Look to the Puppet Masters. It is so much more:

Come out of the Matrix to the Truth. The top 1% aka as the elite wealthy HAVES; they don't care whether you vote liberal or conservative throughout the world because they own all of the boxes you check. The difference is how fast they shove their predetermined agenda down the throats of the masses.

They instigate perpetual war while they invest in aerospace, oil, ammunition, and pharmaceuticals and they don't care who wins because they profit as they stack up coffins on all sides while the coffers of the belly of the beast / dragon continues to grow where less is less for the masses and more for them. They use war for profit and depopulation. They burn aborted fetuses aka medical waste of the unborn for energy. They have a stated/printed agenda to rid the world of 6.5 billion people (Agenda 21) while they push euthanasia, birth control, abortion, end of life, pesticides, Genetically Modified Food, Unhealthy food additives, etc. in the name of profit. They use different denominations to war against the others. Most churches are not cults. Most are corporations filled with lemmings where free independent thinkers are shunned. Church denominations are used to control the masses. Many pastors will lead their sheep to slaughter as long as the coffers are full. They speak and preach politically correct gospel so as not to offend.

"Meanwhile three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."
Come out of the Matrix before it's too late. Before the elite wealthy HAVES force the microchipping (RFID, etc.) of humans.

Are you seeing a thousand points of light yet, or enjoying your less for you is more for them, and how are you enjoying your hope and change?

It does not matter whether ebola  was intentionally brought to this country to scare the masses into voluntarily giving up rights, or to intentionally spread disease for depopulation purposes, or to spread disease to force the vaccination of the masses and perhaps the marking of the population so vaccine makers (George Soros funds ebola vaccine lab in Ukraine) and patent holders (Bill Gates, CDC, NHI) could reap billions in profit. What does matter is that the elite wealthy HAVES aka as the top 1% created this for secret ulterior motives to affect their end result of ridding the planet of 6.5 billion people and to feed their perpetual war machine. What is clear is there is a pervasive consummate evil in the world today.

They teach a language of divisive hate speech (jew versus everyone, christian versus muslim, black versus white, left versus right, democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative)

Always follow the money trail!

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