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Monday, August 10, 2009

When Is It NOT Okay To Scream Fire?


Over and over again, Sarah Palin has made these outlandish, irresponsible statements regarding the proposed health care reform of the new administration. She has alleged that there will be death squads to decide who lives and who dies:

Sarah Palin claims there will be rationing. What does she think we have now?

Right now, under the present system, we have families that have no health care (Isn't that a form of rationing?). Right now, under the present system, we have families struggling to scrape up enough money to make their high cost health insurance premiums, often times having to take high deductible, catastrophic plans, because they can't afford the high premiums (Isn't that a form of rationing?). Right now, families that are able to pay the health insurance premiums to the already wealthy insurance companies, can't afford to use their health insurance due to the high deductibles and the high co-payments (Isn't that a form of rationing?). Both Medicaid and Medicare have limits (rationing) right now on benefits and services. It is ONLY the wealthy that enjoy FULL QUALITY HEALTH CARE, not the average Joe, the middle class, the elderly, the poor or disabled. These folks are already rationed!

What Sarah Palin really means to say is that the very wealthy who pay premiums, and can easily afford the deductibles and co-payments, who enjoy services, benefits and testing galore, whether it is necessary or not, may have provided to them ONLY the necessary services, as opposed to the Cadillac plans that are provided at the expense of the masses (the poor, elderly, the middle class and/or the disabled).

If you or I stand up in a crowded theater and shout fire, we can be held both civilly and criminally responsible for our actions and the results of those actions. If there is no fire and someone is damaged, either physically, financially or otherwise, you can bet we would be held accountable.

Why then, is Sarah Palin allowed to pray on the fears of the middle class, the poor, the elderly and/or the disabled and make outlandish statements to the point of inciting violence at the town hall meetings? There is not one shred of truth in Sarah Palin's claims. And make no mistake about it. She represents the wealthy.

To our senior citizens, the middle class, the poor and/or the disabled: For heaven's sake, use your mind. Sarah and Todd Palin are secessionists. They want Alaska to pull away from the United States. How can you even begin to think anything seriously about what this woman says. She has NEVER had the welfare or best interests of the citizens of the United States. She and her husband ADVOCATE the State of Alaska to secede from the Union so that they can keep their oil profits. Use your head and think. Universal health care available to all, minus the profits paid to insurance companies, will allow standard, affordable health care for all, not just the greedy and wealthy. And if the greedy and wealthy have to live on just a little bit less, then so be it. They will always have enough money to buy their Cadillac needs.

Where is our humanity?

We need our government representatives now to hold Sarah Palin personally accountable for her outlandish screams of "fire" in the theater of "health care." She is intentionally causing needless division among our citizens and needlessly scaring the hell out of our senior citizens, our poor, our middle class and our disabled with false statements advocated by our wealthiest of citizens. Sarah Palin should be held both civilly and criminally responsible for every act of violence she has perpetrated. If Charles Manson can spend life in jail and never actually kill someone, then she certainly has to be held accountable for her incendiary comments.

Sarah Palin deems herself and her family to be a better class of people than the rest and doesn't think that the poor, the elderly, the middle class and/or the disabled should be provided health care, or only minimal health care. The wealthy think the poor, the elderly, the middle class and/or disabled are not worthy. See Bill Kristol's interview with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show broadcast on July 27, 2009 (these are their words, not mine):

Call and email your senators at and your representatives at . Let them know you support a universal, single payer health care, or at the very least a "public option." Don't let fear rule your better judgment.

What has Sarah Palin done for you lately? George Bush and his party left this country in a mess. Let's work together to try and solve these problems.

A house divided cannot stand!

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