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Thursday, May 28, 2009



I realize this topic is not popular. The subject is greed. When is enough, enough! If you think about the three fields of professions where people make more money in a day than most make working a month or in a year in some cases, you focus on those in the professions of finance (banking, stock broker, insurance etc.), legal (attorneys) and those in the medical professions (pharmaceuticals, doctors, researchers).

Most of these people are undoubtedly bright, and have worked hard for their degrees. There is no argument there. Many have achieved their degrees on tax payer dollars in the way of grants, scholarships and low interest or low cost loans. Many don't even bother to pay their loans back and in years past, that has been overlooked. A chosen few have achieved their degrees on generational wealth that they have had bestowed upon them; wealth that all too often has been made at the expense of others.

Let's realize that these gifted individuals show their gratitude to society by graduating and demanding salaries that are far in excess of what the average person makes. Making more than even those average people that have been in the work force for decades. On both sides of the aisle and those in the middle, they work for the glory of themselves. They have been led to believe that they somehow deserve more than the average person working decades. Worst yet, the average person working has been programmed to believe that these gifted individuals deserve to coast through college on taxpayer paid low-cost loans, scholarships, grants and gifts from their families and that they somehow deserve to make more. WHY?

Do they work any harder than someone who sweats in a welding or machine shop for eight to ten hours a day, trying to support their families and paying their taxes? Do they work any harder than the department store worker who normally gets paid nominally and has to stand on their feet on a concrete floor all day? Do they work harder than the carpenter, the electrician, the brick layer, or the concrete finisher? Anyone who thinks so has never done an honest day's work in their life. Sure they are bright, but let's not discount the knowledge and expertise gained through years of work experience.

Sure they deserve to perhaps start work at a salary commensurate with their years of seniority for time spent at educational institutions; and, perhaps, in line or slightly above the average wage earner for their given working region, but do they really deserve to earn two, five, ten, fifteen times or more than the average worker? How many houses or cars are enough?

This greed has made it unaffordable for everyday hard working people to buy their shelter, food and clothing needs. This greed has made medicine unaffordable and has caused the average hard working Americans not to seek much needed health care and has forced others to buy these high deductible health care policies that are worthless in times of real need. This greed has caused our banking institutions to fail and has allowed the rip off of billions in the way of pension dollars and life savings and investments.

These same individuals want you to believe that it's all the unions' fault. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unions have done more to lift the wages of every American over the last seven decades than anything else. Henry Ford's philosophy was to provide an affordable product, and a livable wage to every worker so that they, too, could afford his product. That philosophy did more to make other employers compete with each other for workers and to provide livable wages which lifted the standard of living for most. I might add that Ford Motor Company did not ask for or receive any bailouts and they have a union.

It was only when the greedy bankers, insurance companies, attorneys and health care professionals thought that they deserved much, much more than the average worker that caused employers to start screaming about health care costs. This is not new. Since the late 1970s and on through the 1980s, employers across America have assaulted the blue collar worker, which was the base of American manufacturing, by removing hospitalization benefits, limiting wages and threatening the American worker that they had to compete with the rice patty farmer in China. Rather than stand up in America and scream at their legislatures to stop the excessive greed, Corporations touted free market enterprise and they no longer were loyal to America or Americans. They not only threatened, but proceeded to take the jobs, technology and wealth overseas. Now they gripe why Americans are no longer loyal to them.

Why were these Corporations and their executives not charged with treason?

When we talk about containing our national budget, a large part is health care costs comprised largely of Medicaid and Medicare spending, why don't we talk about taking the PROFIT out of health care and limiting the large excessive salaries that have caused our nation such hardship. We could forgive all college loans and make education free if graduates worked for the good of the country and its' people, rather than themselves. Aren't humans valuable and deserving of the most basic of human services?

We need a universal single payer health care system for all Americans. It is the only way to ensure that the public system is not rationed health care for the poor. We need to eliminate the profit out of health care so that we can still pay our physicians a fair market rate and provide quality, affordable health care for all. How much more we would get for our premium buck if we all pulled our money to pay directly for health care services and eliminate the insurance companies and health management organizations (HMOs). Medicare manages to run an efficient system and it is only the large population of baby boomers approaching retirement that threatens it. If everyone paid into the system, the taxpayer system would reap the benefit of profits to be redistributed to the taxpayer, rather than the insurance companies and the HMOs. Those workers could be re-employed to assist health care management through a single payer Medicare system at salaries that could be sustained and supported.

Your taxpayer paid degree does not give you the right to rape the American public!

Next Week: ?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attorney Referral Service: Social Security Administration


Each and every American is required to pay into the Social Security Administration's system as part of the planning for retirement and in the event of permanent disability. We dutifully pay and pay and pay into a system that promises to be there for us with the benefits when needed.
Then when needed, we are initially denied for the most part. Why?

The Why is the big part of the equation. Why would you be denied retirement or disability benefits initially if you qualified? My father was denied his disability benefits after paying into the
Social Security Administration system for over 38 years and a stint in the Army in the Korean War where he suffered two bullet wounds for this country. In the summer of 1987 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and denied his disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. The day his denial was issued, he had been in the grave for a month. He never had a chance to even appeal or use one dollar of his benefits. Why would the Social Security Administration deny a terminally ill person their due benefits? The answer is TO MAKE THEM OR THEIR FAMILIES APPEAL!

Remember, where there is corruption, who benefits? Follow the money! My father and others like him are made to file an appeal after being left destitute. They retain an attorney and by the time the initial appeal is heard (usually in excess of three years), they have been starved into submission and are willing to turn over 25% minimum of their benefits by way of fees to an attorney because, without one, they would starve. This starvation is system designed and is your reward for trusting a government that is alleged to have been constructed to serve its' citizenry.

Is it a government by the people, for the people, and of the people OR IS IT A GOVERNMENT
BY THE WEALTHY, for the people, and OF THE WEALTHY?

Doesn't the government have a vested interest in denying your Social Security Administration benefits to you? The Social Security Administration is an attorney referral service. It intentionally keeps them employed with your money. Not on a pro bono (free) basis or a flat fee paid by the offending party (Social Security Administration) but with your hard earned dollars. In order to keep the attorneys in business, they have a vested interest in denying you your benefits, EVEN WHEN YOU QUALIFY.

By the time you get your benefits, usually reduced and far less than what is deserved, you are so hungry, you will agree to just about anything.
Attorneys agree to reduced benefits on your behalf because in this quid pro quo system, there is always another you to feed off of. The SSA has guaranteed them that!

Some say you can't fight city hall. I say it is time to stand up and fight for good government and
STOP the corruption!

It is time to limit and take the
money out of the equation. If attorneys are Officers of the court, make no mistake about it, they represent the system first, themselves next and you last. Their priorities are their own pocketbook and justice is a far cry off! It is time to recognize that your attorney does not really work for you. That appearance is deceiving by system design.

It is time to have the
attorneys paid for by the very system they really serve. Limit the paychecks of attorneys and make the Social Security Administration pay them a flat nominal fee that is aligned with the average wage earner of the region they practice in, regardless of whether the client wins or loses, and a bonus is paid by the government ONLY if the client wins. The client should NEVER have to pay for what they have been unlawfully denied. The client should not lose one dollar of benefits. Otherwise, the government would have a vested interest in denying same. If the client loses, they certainly should not have to pay fees, as it is their right to redress their government, emphasis added.

Does the
Social Security Administration represent WE THE PEOPLE or the ATTORNEYS?

Please don't bother trying to convince me that the system can't afford to pay the benefits or that the system is going broke. Take the payroll cap off of the Social Security tax that the wealthy enjoy (attorneys amongst them) that allows them to pay a smaller percentage of their income into the Social Security Administration system and they will be solvent for years!

Next Week: Why do degreed people that go to college on taxpayer grants and loans think they have the right to earn more than the average wage earner that paid for their degree in the first place?

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