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Sunday, April 26, 2009



There is not a day that goes by in this great nation that we don't see, hear or experience the corruption from our government officials. Here in the great State of Ohio, we are rated fifth in the nation by the Department of Justice in their Report to Congress on the Activities and Operations of the Public Integrity Section for 2006. This report is required to be submitted pursuant to Section 603 of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

Ohio Congressman Robert Ney pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit multiple offenses, including honest services fraud, and to making false statements to the United States House of Representatives. Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy and honest services mail fraud involving a Member of the United States House of Representatives, and tax evasion. During 2006 the Branch assisted United States Attorneys' Offices in the handling of vote fraud matters in Ohio, as well as other states.*

In 2006, the Section of the Elections Crime Branch of the U S Department of Justice worked with the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio to obtain the conviction of Ohio fundraiser Thomas Noe for making $45,400 in unlawful conduit campaign contributions. Noe pled guilty and was sentenced to 27 months of imprisonment.*

Federal public corruption convictions by district over the past decade show that Ohio has 538. And that's just the ones they wanted to catch. You have to really tick someone off in Ohio to get convicted of public corruption because most of the time, our government officials just look the other way.*

But the one thing you don't see on the list of federal public corruption convictions are the attorneys that cause so much of this corruption. A few years back, I was called into a major law firm that I was associated with by a newly made partner that I will call Mr. W. It's seems Mr. W. was slightly ticked off that I was trying to hold the Attorneys and Justices in the State of Ohio accountable for their actions and inactions on behalf of the disabled. Mr. W. wanted me to know that I had it all wrong. That I was an idealist who just didn't understand our United States System of Government, particularly the Judicial Branch.

He point blank informed me, "that it is not about truth, honor or justice. It's about what we want to make it about." You see, I had it all wrong. I believed for a good part of my young adult life that the government was about what I was taught in high school. But I was wrong. I have since had about 15 years of post graduate political education that clearly demonstrates that the Judicial Branch of the United States Government is about COLD HARD CASH!

Don't believe me. Pick a municipal, county or Supreme Court Justice in Ohio. Then, scan the attorneys that practice consistently in the so-called "random" assignment of cases before that judicial candidate. Next, go to the Secretary of State of Ohio's website:,56478,34_56508&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
Make sure you allow yourself some time because you need to search, search, and search some more. The best place to start is on the "Candidates Committee" tab and select the "Contributions to Candidates." Open that up and just plug in your attorneys last name and see who and how much they contributed to your sitting judge.

Don't stop there, you know there are pacs and such. Places where attorneys can contribute to their own pacs and then make second, etc. donations to the judicial candidates. Sometimes, candidates and attorneys run for offices they know they have no hope of winning, and some don't even want the offices, but this candidacy allows them to accept legally campaign contributions that they get to keep if they don't spend it, as a reward for, perhaps possibly throwing a case in someone's favor or allowing them to use the funds for a different race.

Next go to the "PoliticalAction Committee/PCE" tab and open the line that says "Contributions to PACs and PCEs." Again, plug in your attorneys name and see what comes up. Don't ignore same or different addresses. When you get to the year, open each year up in a different window. Then open up the contributions, the other income, the expenditures and in-kind contributions, etc., making sure to copy what is relevant. In many instances, their wives (that don't work) and employees, make large donations to their PACs and PCEs and then make separate donations to the candidates. Sometimes they use multiple office and house addresses.

If you are real industrious, start searching the other states for your attorneys operations and their political donations from out of state. In some instances, they leave off a letter or two of their name, like Kelsey to Kelsy or similar such listings. You have to be determined, but when corruption exists and you don't understand why or how you just got screwed in court, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

These donations often total thousands of dollars. The Judges and Justices of the Courts of Ohio want the citizens of Ohio to believe that these donations mean nothing to them and don't influence their decisions. The very donations that buy them their next job and feed their families. They want you to believe that they are above human nature and can sit in judgment of these cases that they have a conflict of interest in.

Few bother to recuse themselves, because after all these TURDS and the TURDS they serve have sold their souls and could care less about the appearances of improprieties and the Code of Professional Responsibility that they swear to uphold when they receive their license to operate. They operate in Ohio with impunity, because they hide under a cloud of "CONFIDENTIALITY" under the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, which is just more of the same. The Appearance of Integrity is more important than the TRUTH! It is a quid pro quo environment that polices itself with the same lack of integrity that Nixon and his staff exhibited.

The corruption in the State of Ohio knows no political party. It occurs on both sides of the aisle and is most only called into question when someone from outside the state who has even more money is offended or when the offending party fails to play the game the way it is set up and makes them self a target for the wealthy and politically powerful. Some may say that these Turds are the exception rather than the rule. It is not to say there are not some very decent and honorable attorneys and justices, but do your own searches and make up your own mind.

The real question is whether President Obama through the United States Justice Department can receive the enema of change and flush out these TURDS before our government is bankrupt and hold these offending parties accountable.

Let's see if OUR ENEMA OF CHANGE CAN FLUSH OUR SEA OF CORRUPTION through a filter of the United States Justice Department and flush out those TURDS so that real change can occur leaving a SEA OF REAL INTEGRITY. Now here is a health care plan.

*All statistics are taken from the United States Department of Justice's Report to Congress on the Activities and Operations of the Public Integrity Section for 2006.

NEXT WEEK: We will see how this one goes! ?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Well, after reviewing news reports on the net recently, it appears not long!

I just read that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is threatening to have a vote to secede from the union of the United States. Texas was admitted to the union in 1845 and did secede during the Civil War. They were only allowed to re-enter the union after they ratified the United States Constitution's Thirteenth Amendment that banned slavery.

Governor Perry is incorrect. Texas is not allowed to secede from the union, see Texas versus White, U.S. Supreme Court, 1869.

But more importantly, why would he tout this treasonous act. Governor Perry of Texas obviously feels that Texas is being treated unfairly or unequally than the other states. It appears that Texas has more than its' share of billionaires that are yelling about their taxes being raised three (3%) percent after write-offs. He and more than a few of Texas citizens are complaining about unfunded mandates. Laws that are enacted that they have to follow and fund without the help of the federal government, or that are partially funded by the federal government.

All of this complaining is for one purpose. So that they can individually keep more of their money, regardless of its' ability to serve the greater good.

Texas wants autonomy (self-control), and after their selection of former President Bush, who was elected by questionable circumstances (see death of pilot, Akron, Ohio), got us into two of the most expensive wars in history. So here is a solution: Let's let Texas solely fund the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War and use all of their own citizens as soldiers over there (It's probably a price the wealthy would be willing to pay as long as the poor are the ones serving). They can re-elect George Bush, Jr. and Dick Cheney as their leaders and reimburse us all for the WALL that was constructed with our tax dollars to keep them safe from Mexicans. They can refund the United States Treasury all the FEMA tax dollars plus interest from years of disasters from numerous tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and floods and they can pay the United States damages for causing the price of oil to skyrocket. (Just a side note, they may want to rethink choosing Bush and Cheney, as they may have to submit their newly chosen leaders for war crimes trials before the Hague.)

My bet is that they would apply for foreign aid from the United States to subsidize their new budget.

If Texas were allowed to secede, what would happen to their more vulnerable citizens? One has to look no farther than Austin, Texas where it has been reported that wide spread abuse occurs on a regular basis against the mentally retarded across the state, see , , and .
These are not my stories, they come from across the nation.

Without the protection of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Individual with Disabilities Act, Amendments I through XXVI of the United States Constitution, but not limited to, ALL OF THESE ARE UNFUNDED MANDATES, Texas would have the ability to re-institute slavery, institutionalize the disabled and even execute the same as non-human, if they so desired. These unfunded mandates are collectively agreed upon by representation from all fifty states and they are equally imposed on all fifty states. They are debated and instituted by our elected representatives for the good of ALL. Without them, God help the citizenry.

Why is it that when corporations take our trade secrets and jobs overseas and Governors (Governor Perry of Texas, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska) spout secession from the union, it is not considered a treasonous act? Of course it is. They only want to go steady when they benefit. As long as they are on the receiving end, it is fine, but when it comes time to contribute their fair share, they want to run and hide. Not much of a marriage is it!

President Barack Obama has been fairly elected by a majority, I repeat, a majority, of the citizens, and suddenly, Texas feels and thinks that the vote of a democratic republic people is not valid. Shame on Governor Perry. This country is in its' worse economic shape based largely upon the policies touted by the far extremist right that caused deregulation and created the climate for the "legal" looting of our financial system. If there is one state that needs to stay and work on making this country a better place, it is TEXAS, since their choice for President created the current MESS and gave us the Patriot Act that they are currently screaming about since it now is being used against them and their extremist behavior! Now suddenly the shoe is too small for the other foot.

So let's rescue Texas citizens from the far right extremism that exists and send the full force of our American Government to protect them against this new tyranny, ALL IN THE NAME OF GREED! Let's call this behavior what it really is, TREASON! Contact your United States Representatives
( ) and Senators ( ) and let them know you want them to move for hearings on Governor Perry's statement of treason. Let them know you want them to seize the assets of any entity that takes our jobs and trade secrets overseas at the expense of the American population. Most of these corporations made their money here off the backs of hard working Americans, and when it still wasn't enough, they went overseas in their attempts to get more. They have no loyalty to America, only their greedy selves.

( )

Next Week: ?

Friday, April 3, 2009



I debated all week long what this week's topic would be. There were so many to choose from amidst the falling economy, poverty, discrimination and the list goes on. For weeks now, we have heard about the debate concerning President Obama's budget. All the yelling going on, particularly from the far right about how unfair it is to raise taxes on the rich. Most of those yelling purport a belief in a higher power than themselves, stating they tithe to the churches they attend, and wanting to keep more for themselves. The wealthys' answer to all of this is to throw an old fashion tax day, April 15, 2009, tea party.

Apparently, this is the way it works. If you are making a net taxable income of $500,000.00 per year, that is after you have written off all of your exemptions, expenses, write-offs, business trips, mileage, and so forth, you now pay a 36% tax or $180,000.00 in taxes, leaving you with a paltry sum of $320,000.00 per year to exist on. Under President Obama's plan, the current tax breaks would cease to exist raising this tax to 39% of those individuals that make over $250,000.00 per year after write offs. On a net income of $500,000.00 a year this tax would be $195,000.00 leaving the wealthy with only $305,000.00 per year in livable income.

OH MY! HOW WILL THEY ALL CONTINUE TO EXIST! Remember, this net income is after their business reinvestment income, their donations to their own foundations, their expenses for trips abroad for business of course, and any other loophole they can find to exempt income. After exemptions, their real tax rate is more closely to 15 to 20 percent, and some are not even paying that. It is apparently enough to send Rush Limbaugh fleeing from New York for his life!

These same people yell and complain that their tax dollars are being misspent, used for Medicaid (you know, all those lazy disabled and elderly people that no one wants to hire and are expected to miraculously exist without income or job on usually less than $500.00 per month or $6,000.00 per year, some not even making that.) Their answer to that is for you to show up at their Tax Day Tea Party to protest the taxes that they pay.

First of all, don't waste your time. No one likes to pay taxes, but in truth, they are a necessary thing. Even Christ recognized that there was a need for government and stated, "to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar." Taxes pay for useful things like the police, fire departments, city, village and township maintenance workers, schools, colleges, day care, hospitals, judges, courts, sewers, clean water, roads, and, yes, government benefits and services. Where would you be without these things? And even if you didn't have need for these things today, can you imagine the lawlessness in our society without these things!

Don't you think their time would be better spent on trying to limit the income of people that make more than ten times the average person, than trying to stage a tea party to protest what we already know is necessary. Were the poor, lower and middle class families suppose to save for their retirement by investing in wall street, insurance companies, and banks that have already proven their inability to be trusted? And what about all the corporations that have sold us worthless or dangerous products, managed by these same wealthy executives. I am not against people making more money because they have worked a little harder, or gone to school by being blessed by an education, but don't you think there is something horribly wrong when you make more than ten times the average person and it is still not enough?
Is there no limit to their greed?

These same people talk about a sense of welfare entitlement. Isn't it the same mentality to talk about corporate welfare or a sense of entitlement to exorbitant amounts of income? Do you know how hard many laborers, construction workers, tradesmen, nurses, Walmart workers, child care workers, teachers and care takers work who struggle to make barely above minimum wage to five figures, all the while paying their fair share of taxes without the benefit of the corporate loopholes? Certainly, no less hard than the wealthy!

I helped prepare taxes today for a 28 year old man who made a little over $12,000.00 in income working three different jobs, and, after deductions and exemptions allowed, this poor man had to pay almost $1,100.00 in taxes. That is criminal, yet he acknowledges he has a duty to pay. He already didn't make enough to live on. He has no hopes of immediately finding a job that will pay a livable wage in this economy, and must put off any hopes of a marriage, family, or college for the immediate future. Yet there are those that have a net income of $305,000.00 and they want you to show up at a Tax Day Tea Party!

For all of you tithing church goers, do you really believe that someone who makes $12,000.00 per year in income should pay taxes of $1,100.00 and tithe $1,200.00 with a net income of $9,700.00 per year while you have a net income of over $200,000.00 per year to live on? Which cardboard box did you want Christ to move in to and in what park is he allowed to set up a tent? What happened to, "whom much is given, much is expected?"

Don't talk to me about a Tax Day Tea Party. I am too, too busy advocating for those people that were promised jobs by the wealthy. The wealthy who promised to reinvest their bailout riches to create jobs for the mass populations and loan money to struggling home owners, while in reality the wealthy have been hiding and hoarding those riches at the expense and the tax dollars of the masses.

Maybe instead of throwing tea into the harbor on tax day, we should throw the wealthy recipients of tax bailout dollars! Now that's a real TAX DAY PARTY!


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