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Monday, September 28, 2009


As we wait for word on what our elected officials will decide concerning matters of health care, the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, the economy, etc., we seem to be losing our hope and our steam for change.

The spirit of hope and enthusiasm for change exhibited during the election is dissipating, if not already dissipated. What happened to our majority vote? What happened to enacting the changes that were promised if we elected the present leadership? How did we go from a majority country that wanted change to a country paralyzed by division? Why did the majority party decide not to implement the changes the masses voted for? Why did the majority party decide to placate the minority party and allow the minority party to frame the argument? Is there any way to restore the hope of change that we all had. It would seem by indecision that the status quo of corruption and greed has prevailed once again.

The real question, "Where is our leadership and guidance in all of this?"

We, as a country, are desperately looking for leadership and guidance. Where is it?

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